3 November 2014

BMD Building the Buangor Bypass

BMD Constructions is proud to announce the award of the Buangor Bypass project, which forms part of the Western Highway Duplication, located in Victoria. The Western Highway is one of Victoria’s busiest rural roads and a significant interstate freight route, servicing trade and supporting the farming industry, regional tourism and local communities. BMD’s scope of work includes the realignment and re-grading of the existing carriageway and construction of three new bridges over Billy Creek. The works package will also deliver a grade separated interchange on the new highway at Peacocks Road, with ramps connecting to the eastbound lanes and a roundabout on the existing highway. In addition, new service roads to maintain local access and road connections to the township of Buangor will be constructed. The Buangor Bypass project will deliver substantial benefits to the local community including less heavy freight vehicles and interstate drivers through the area, resulting in safer roads and improved traffic conditions. BMD is well positioned in Victoria to deliver quality infrastructure and continues to expand its capability in the region. For BMD Constructions’ Road and Highway capability Statement, please click here.

BMD is a national group of companies engaged in engineering design, construction and land development for clients and partners in the urban development, transport infrastructure, resources and energy sectors.

Since 1979, BMD has employed a relationship based business model founded on certainty, collaboration and performance.

With approximately 1,700 staff throughout Australia, BMD has the resources and experience to deliver projects ranging in size from $1 million to over $1 billion and is currently ranked 36th in the 2013 BRW’s Top 500 Private Companies list and 3rd in the 2013 Brisbane Business News’ Top 100 Private Companies.

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