18 September 2018

BMD Constructions awarded Mitchell Freeway to better connect Perth’s northern suburbs

BMD Constructions has been awarded the $49.4 million design and construct contract for the transformation of the Mitchell Freeway. The widening works to one of Perth’s most critical corridors involves the construction of an additional lane for seven kilometres between Cedric Street and Vincent Street to better connect Perth’s northern suburbs to the CBD. With the Mitchell Freeway carrying some of the highest traffic demands in Perth, up to 180,000 vehicles per day, this project is vital to reducing congestion and bottlenecks for southbound traffic. Since our Western Australia division opened over three years ago, BMD Constructions has successfully delivered 11 infrastructure upgrades for Main Roads in communities across Western Australia. The award of this vital freeway upgrade builds on BMD’s infrastructure capacity in the west. BMD will work closely with Main Roads and partners to ensure best-for-project outcomes for local businesses, residents and commuters. The project forms part of Main Roads’ overall plan to transform Perth’s freeways to accommodate population and economic growth into the future. The contract is funded by the Western Australian and Australian governments.

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