5 January 2017

BMD Constructions commence works on the Treendale Bridge this month

BMD Constructions is due to commence works this month on the new Treendale traffic bridge over the Collie River for Main Roads Western Australia. The project will provide a much needed connection between the residential areas of Eaton in the shire of Dardanup and Treendale in the shire of Harvey which are some of the fastest growing areas in Western Australia. Connecting the two areas is critical to the road network and interconnectivity of the neighbouring shires. As well as providing a key social connection, the bridge will offer essential access for emergency service vehicles and connect the commercial precincts of the two residential subdivisions. The bridge will be a launched steel composite box girder steel structure approximately 224 metres in length and 14.4 metres wide with spill through abutments. The bridge deck will include two 3.5 metre wide lanes with 1.2 metre wide shoulders and one 3 metre wide dual use path. Works will also include construction of a ‘possum bridge’ on the right and left hand side of the main Collie River channel to facilitate the movement of possums along the watercourse. Due to be completed in early 2018, the project builds upon BMD’s bridge construction capability, delivering vital infrastructure for the local community. View the government media release

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