10 July 2018

BMD Constructions leaves lasting legacy through Crookwell 2 Wind Farm project

BMD Constructions is proud to have spent over 60% of our spend on the Crookwell 2 Wind Farm project’s contract value within the Australian Capital Region, reaffirming our commitment to supporting the local communities in which we operate. The 60% equated to over $12 million of spend within the Crookwell, Goulburn and Marulan regions and almost $2.5 million within Canberra and the Australian Capital Region. Local and regional involvement was made up of direct spend through the use of local subcontractors primarily located within the Goulburn, Marulan and Crookwell regions, direct employment through the creation of two new-full time and one new part-time position, and local sponsorship of community organisations within the Upper Lachlan community. BMD Constructions is delivering the Crookwell 2 Wind Farm as part of a consortium with Consolidated Power Projects Australia (CPP), with the project being delivered under a Balance of Plant (BoP) contract. The combination of local spend by BMD Constructions and CPP exceeded the consortium’s original commitment. BMD is proud of the strong relationships formed with local suppliers and community groups during the project’s construction and in addition to financial involvement, have supported subcontractors to improve their safety systems and documentation to not only ensure compliance with BMD’s systems but also bring them in line with industry best practice. BMD’s policy of engaging locally based suppliers and owner operators maximises the opportunity for local input with flow on effects in the training and development of locally based staff engaged on our projects. The Crookwell 2 Wind Farm BoP contract comprised the design and construction of approximately 23 kilometres of gravel access tracks including drainage, 28 concrete foundations for the wind turbines and construction of crane platforms and hardstands. The design and construction of electrical scope is being completed by CPP and includes substation, equipment and buildings. The project is expected to be completed by the end of July 2018.

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