28 September 2018

BMD Constructions to deliver Perth’s first Smart Freeway as the SmartWays Alliance

BMD Constructions together with Ventia and Arup Group, as the SmartWays Alliance, have been awarded the $47 million Smart Freeways – Kwinana Northbound project in Perth. The project is Perth’s first smart freeway to create an additional lane from Canning Highway to the Narrows Bridge. Smart technology will be used to open and close traffic lanes in the event of an incident and adjust speed limits to get more through traffic during busy periods. With Smart Freeways used successfully around the world to manage congestion, improve safety and get the most out of existing infrastructure, this solution is the best for the constrained area where the railway and the Swan River prevent traditional widening. Construction is set to commence later this year, with completion expected in early 2020. The project will increase road capacity by 33%, adjusting speed limits based on traffic demands in congested periods, to provide improved journey times for residents in Perth’s southern suburbs. This is the third recent contract BMD has been awarded by Main Roads to transform Perth’s freeways to support population growth and economic development. BMD is also delivering the Kwinana Freeway Northbound Widening – Russell Road to Roe Highway and Mitchell Freeway Southbound Widening – Cedric Street to Vincent Street upgrades.

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