21 December 2015

BMD invests in a positive legacy for Buangor

To ensure that the experience of major infrastructure delivery is a positive one and leaves a lasting and sustainable legacy on local regions, BMD encourages project teams to look for opportunities to positively contribute to the communities in which we operate. The BMD Constructions’ team delivering the Buangor Bypass project, which forms part of the Western Highway Duplication in Victoria, has truly entrenched themselves in the region and delivered a number of community initiatives. Since the start of works in February 2015, the project team has worked collaboratively with client, VicRoads, to identify opportunities for the community to take part in the project. BMD Constructions Southern Region General Manager, Jeff Gallus said, “We all know that infrastructure investment is vital for a community and region to thrive. BMD would also like to ensure that the community and region has a sense of ownership over new infrastructure and at Buangor we’ve achieved this by looking for opportunities for the community to take part in the project.” The most notable and evident contribution that the community has made to the project was the selection of the Peacocks Road overpass colours. BMD Constructions’ Environmental and Community Officer, Kirsten Lee, worked with VicRoads staff to engage students from Buangor Primary School to select the colour. The students opted for a colour inspired by the River Red Gum leaves and gumnuts in the local area. Buangor Primary School Principal, Paul Buncle, acknowledge the efforts of the BMD team saying, “BMD… are working on a BMX track for the kids at the recreation reserve as well. What they are doing is really great.” The newly-constructed BMX track was formally opened on Thursday 10 December at a community event held at the Buangor Cricket Club. Local children completed in a time trail at the event with the winner named ‘Buangor BMX champion’. Further to BMD’s grass-roots engagement with the community, a recent investment in the regions business community has included sponsoring the 2015-2016 Grampians Pyrenees Business Awards. The Trades and Construction category award recognise noteworthy local businesses and their contribution to local industry. The Gala Presentation Dinner was held on Wednesday 2 December at the Ararat Town Hall. BMD staff, Andrew Kaddis and Kirsten Lee, assisted in the judging of this category. The winner of this category was G J Gardener Homes. Congratulations to all businesses who entered the 2015-16 Grampians Pyrenees Business Awards.

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