7 March 2018


At BMD our business is our people. BMD recognises the importance of gender diversity in the construction industry and believes in the value that different perspectives can add to our business. During an interview series in the lead up to International Women’s Day, find out first hand why our female employees see a career at BMD.


I am …

I was born in Wollongong in New South Wales, where I grew up with one brother and went to school and university. I was very good at maths and science at school and I had a maths teacher (who I thought was amazing) who provided persistent encouragement through my senior years at school to contemplate pursuing a career in engineering. My parents were both school teachers and were always very supportive and encouraged me to do whatever I put my mind to. They were both very pleased when I made the decision to study engineering. After finishing school I gained a cadetship with Council where I worked full-time while completing my Civil Engineering degree part-time. I believe that for me, working full-time while studying engineering part-time allowed me to see first-hand how my studies were implemented at work. I love working in a team environment and working together to solve problems and achieve great outcomes. Seeing this while I was studying was key to launch my career as an Engineer. I am now a proud mother of four children (three girls and one boy). I am a Project Manager currently working in the Northern Territory and have been with BMD for just over nine years.

I will #pressforprogress …

To me, press for progress means forging positive visibility. It is important that we recognise women as equal in all roles. It is about sharing and celebrating stories about women, whether it is about achievement, events, successes or learnings. It is about discussion generation regarding women in our workplace, their contribution and the pathway to senior management roles. At BMD, we have women in leadership positions from roles such as my own managing projects, to managers of our legal and financial teams as some examples. I believe that by having women in management roles the industry can demonstrate that diversity is truly valued for innovation and new ideas. It encourages women to seek employment with that company as they can see the possibility of opportunity. Personally, I know that I have a part to play in this both at BMD and within the industry, and this is really important to me. At BMD, I want to ensure our female engineers have a female mentor or contact and assist in developing pathways and mentoring strategies for young women within our business. Within the industry, I see education in schools as an important place to target young girls so they are aware of the options available to them and what they have to do, and study, to make it happen. I have recently submitted an expression of interest to mentor a student at a local high school which I hope progresses into reality. I also present at industry events including Engineers Australia events, and directly at local schools on a career in Engineering. I believe it is important for us all to put time and effort into positive visibility. As a Mum I definitely set an example that gender is a non-issue when it comes to your future study and work choices. During a class at school, one of my daughters said she wanted to be an architect. A boy in her class replied that being an architect is a man’s job and that she should choose something else. She politely replied “my Mum is an engineer and you probably think that’s a man’s job too”. She won’t let comments like this stop her and if she wants to be an architect, she will be.

I see a career at BMD because …

I see my career at BMD because my family and work commitments are embraced by our Senior Management. I feel I am respected in my role as a Project Manager, as well as a mother. My mentors (who are men) have always encouraged and supported my career progression at BMD. I know that BMD are proud to celebrate and value me as a female engineer. If you are interested in a role like Natasha, visit our careers page.

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