5 March 2018


At BMD our business is our people. BMD recognises the importance of gender diversity in the construction industry and believes in the value that different perspectives can add to our business. During an interview series in the lead up to International Women’s Day, find out first hand why our female employees see a career at BMD.


I am …

Working in Human Resources at BMD, I am responsible for recruiting, retaining and developing our diverse work force. Our team works hard to motivate and develop high performers, regardless of their gender or cultural background. Having worked for BMD for over six years, I am passionate about our people and our unique family orientated culture. Recruiting people who fit into our culture is vital in ensuring it remains our point of difference.

I will #pressforprogress …

International Women’s Day is a time for conversations on diversity and inclusion and to share stories and learnings. At BMD, where more than 80% of our employees are male, we are passionate about investing in our people, developing strategies and implementing policies so that our people are empowered to achieve a more diverse and inclusive workplace. To me, it is important to progress for a gender parity mindset in schools. Gender diversity in construction is fundamental to advancing our industry and encouraging innovation. Inspiring our next generation of leaders should start at this age where we can encourage young women to think about careers which are outside the box. Organisations who can promote STEM careers need to take a more active role by attending careers expos and information nights at schools. BMD is working closely with Power of Engineering to assist in inspiring the next generation of female students and transform perceptions of engineering across Australia. BMD aspires to be an employer of choice. We recognise the increasing importance of flexible work arrangements and the importance of family commitments outside work. As we continue to grow we maintain a focus on developing a diverse and high performing workforce. We reward our employees for excellence and commitment to our culture and values by supporting them in both professional and personal endeavours.

I see a career at BMD because …

It is truly a significant time to be a Human Resources professional in the construction industry. With so much change and focus on diversity and inclusion, it is a good feeling to be making a difference. I see a career at BMD because I can make a valuable contribution to building our culture, and training and developing our people to encourage career development. By working collaboratively as an organisation, we are able to develop high performing teams who deliver excellence in infrastructure on a daily basis no matter your gender or background.

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