6 July 2017

BMD proudly launches first Reconciliation Action Plan

BMD is proud to announce the launch of our first Reconciliation Action Plan. The July 2017 to December 2018 Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan formally builds on BMD’s existing commitment to integrating reconciliation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples into our values, purpose and business strategy which will further enable us to contribute to the shaping of Australia’s future. Scott Power, Group Executive Director – Operations said the release of the plan marks an important milestone for BMD as the business continues on its journey towards reconciliation. “I am proud to launch our Reconciliation Action Plan which is an extension of what BMD has already accomplished with regards to Indigenous engagement,” Scott said. “Our plan includes clear and realistic targets focused on three core elements – Relationships, Respect and Opportunities for all BMD employees to contribute towards our approach to reconciliation. “By creating social change and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we will help to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work. “At BMD, we recognise that our clients also see reconciliation as a priority and we look forward to working closely with them, as well as key partners and suppliers to exceed our reconciliation targets and deliver exceptional outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” he said. BMD’s Reconciliation Action Plan has been ratified by Reconciliation Australia with Chief Executive Officer, Justin Mohamed congratulating BMD on the plan’s endorsement. “BMD has demonstrated a keen commitment to the development and maintenance of relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and peoples,” Justin said. “This Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan will assist BMD to develop a solid Reconciliation Action Plan governance model and build the business case for future commitments to cultural learning. “I commend BMD on its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan and look forward to following its reconciliation journey,” he said. As the first of four Reconciliation Action Plan milestones, BMD looks forward to expanding the horizons, capabilities, relationships and opportunities in the communities in which we work. Through our Reconciliation Action Plan actions we aim to contribute meaningfully to ‘closing the gap’ and increasing Indigenous employment and training initiative targets at BMD. Click here to view our Reconciliation Action Plan .

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