22 September 2017

BMD reinforces commitment to sustainability through ISCA membership

BMD is proud to have joined the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) as a member, reinforcing the Group’s commitment to sustainability. As the peak industry body for advancing sustainability outcomes in infrastructure, ISCA specialises in the facilitation and development of industry led performance based integrated triple-bottom-line governance and reporting framework. The IS rating scheme is an industry-compiled voluntary sustainability performance rating scheme evaluating planning, design, construction and operation of all infrastructure asset classes in all sectors linking industry, communities and commerce beyond regulatory standards. BMD first became involved with ISCA through the construction of the Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) which was completed in January this year. BMD is proud of our commitment to the IS rating scheme and as part of the wider VICT project team, achieved a rating of ‘Leading’ for design and a rating of ‘Excellent’ for as-built. From the ISCA rating process, BMD recognised the benefits of good governance and integrated decision making and through considering economic, social and environmental outcomes in risk assessment, procurement and decision making, realised a number of key innovations onsite. “A Leading rating is the highest rating category a project can achieve in the IS rating scheme. This outstanding achievement by the VICT team demonstrates what can be achieved when a project embraces sustainability in their design process. VICT have shown great leadership for other container terminals with what they were able to achieve in their facility design, evidenced not only by their total score but by their achievement of 10/10 innovation credits.” Ainsley Simpson, Manager Technical and Business Services, ISCA  

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