5 November 2019

BMD to deliver revamped entry to Perth’s Kwinana Freeway

BMD Constructions has been awarded a contract to construct a new southbound on-ramp from Manning Road on to the Kwinana Freeway in Perth. The $15 million project for Main Roads WA will increase ease of access to the freeway and remove the current requirement for motorists to navigate traffic lights, variable speeds and on and off ramps. In addition to the on-ramp, the project will also involve construction of a southbound freeway lane from Canning Highway to Edgewater Road footbridge, a merge lane from the new on-ramp to the Kwinana Freeway, heading south, and a noise wall adjacent to Edgewater Road in Salter Point between the street and the freeway. Upon completion, around 7,000 vehicles will use the on-ramp each day, reducing traffic on the Canning Highway and improving travel times by five minutes during peak hour. The project complements the work BMD is already undertaking on the Kwinana Freeway including the Kwinana Freeway Northbound Widening – Russel Road to Roe Highway and the Smart Freeways – Kwinana Northbound projects. The Kwinana Freeway Manning on-ramp project is expected to be completed in mid-2020.

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