8 November 2017

BMD Urban improves access to popular tourist destination

BMD Urban was contracted by Moreton Bay Regional Council to deliver a major infrastructure upgrade on Bribie Island. The project involves upgrading Benabrow Avenue, the main road in and out of Bribie Island, in addition to seven adjoining intersections. The scope of works involves the widening and resurfacing of the existing dual carriageway to accommodate an on-road bicycle lane and an upgraded 3-metre-wide pedestrian footpath. BMD Urban is also upgrading the existing stormwater infrastructure and constructing raised pedestrian zebra crossings. The $2.25 million project commenced in July 2017 and is expected to be completed later this month, on time and on budget. Benabrow Avenue is the only access road to and from Bribie Island and the essential transport route currently carries heavy traffic of over 20,000 vehicles per day. The project team has worked day and night to limit traffic delays and reduce impacts to residents and businesses. BMD Urban has implemented various mitigation measures and will continue to work closely with project stakeholders to minimise disruptions to the local community and ensure safety remains a top priority during the important upgrade works. The Benabrow Avenue Upgrade project adds to a portfolio of works completed for Moreton Bay Regional Council, highlighting BMD’s capability to deliver important infrastructure works for local government clients.

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