8 May 2020

Constructing key sewerage infrastructure to support Townsville’s growth

BMD started construction of Townsville’s Southern Suburbs Rising Main project in November 2019. Upon completion, the infrastructure will contribute to reducing pressure on the city’s sewerage network and futureproof the region for increased population growth. BMD’s scope of works includes the installation of:

  • a new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) trunk main running from Oonoonba to the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant
  •  a return Recycled Water Main to be used as part of Townsville’s Recycled Water Re-use Scheme.

More than 3.8 kilometres of 900 millimetre and 1000 millimetre diameter HDPE pipe trunk main and almost 5.7 kilometres of 355 millimetre and 400 millimetre HDPE recycled water main will be installed as part of the project. The project footprint crosses three tidal creeks and the Townsville Port Access Road. The project is being delivered in conjunction with the Queensland Government Building and Construction Training Policy which supports employment opportunities and skills development in the Sunshine State. In line with this policy, BMD continues to provide training for new and existing employees and has employed two new trainees on the project. As with all BMD projects, local industry participation is a priority and we are proud to employ more than 30 Townsville locals per day on the Southern Suburbs Rising Main project. With over half of the construction footprint located in tidal areas, the project presents technical challenges due to the requirement to schedule works around low tidal periods. Working in marine soil, plus the fact that the new alignment is located directly adjacent to the existing live sewer rising main that runs to the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant, has required the pipeline installation to be completed within shoring boxes. The Recycled Water Re-use Scheme is an important part of Townsville Council’s commitment to deliver its three-point water security solution. The project will use high-quality treated wastewater from the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant through a new network of pipes to irrigate Townsville’s large commercial properties, schools, sporting fields and community parklands in the city. The project is on track for completion in late August 2020, weather and construction conditions permitting.

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