6 November 2017

First foundation completed at the Crookwell 2 Wind Farm development

BMD Constructions’ Crookwell 2 Wind Farm development project for Global Power Generation Australia has reached a major milestone, with the successful completion of the first foundation pour for the wind turbines. A total of 370 cubic metres of concrete was placed into the first of 28 concrete foundations for the wind farm development, located north of Goulburn in New South Wales. In line with BMD’s mission of engaging local contractors to support the local economy, the concrete is being supplied by a Goulburn concrete supplier who utilise a batch plant setup onsite. This milestone was a direct result of hard work and team effort to ensure the success of the foundations, from joint venture partners Consolidated Power Projects Australia, through to the design support, survey teams and the project team encompassing earthworks as well as the batch plant and concrete finishing works. The completion of the wind farm’s first foundation sets the project up for completion in September 2018. Upon completion the wind farm will generate 91 megawatts of renewable electricity, producing around 320 GWh per year for Canberra homes, contributing to the ACT’s 100% renewable energy target.

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