27 September 2017

Graceville Station Upgrade delivers accessibility for the community

BMD Constructions has delivered a new and improved upgrade to the Graceville Station located on Queensland’s main rail line, south-west of Brisbane two weeks ahead of schedule. The long awaited upgrade to Graceville Station was officially opened at a free event on 16 September, which was attended by the public including local residents in Graceville and the surrounding suburbs. This opening marks the completion of BMD Constructions’ contract for two station upgrades, Graceville and major park ‘n’ ride station, Dinmore, with works first commencing in early 2016 as part of Queensland Rail’s station upgrade program. These upgrades have significantly improved access for the 650,000 customers that use the stations each year, including those with disabilities, the elderly, and parents with prams. The project presented unique challenges with the station being heritage listed. BMD Constructions worked closely with Queensland Rail to maintain the integrity of the station with works completed to upgrade but maintain the original look including the station’s subway tiles, awnings, balustrading and platform seats. A staged construction methodology allowed platform raising works to be carried out whilst ensuring the live operations of the station and its rail traffic remained fully operational for the duration of the works, with both station upgrades completed simultaneously to meet the priority Queensland Rail placed on the upgrades. Through experience and longevity in the railway industry, along with a focused and performance-driven workforce, BMD Constructions delivered the program with no delays to rail traffic. Close collaboration with Queensland Rail and detailed planning of works during track possessions allowed for necessary upgrades to be completed safely and efficiently while ensuring the safety of the project team and the community. Through the close working relationship with Queensland Rail, BMD Constructions ensured the station upgrade works were planned and completed with safety as the highest priority. The upgrade was successfully completed with over 180,500 hours lost time injury free as a result of an uncompromised commitment to safety at all levels. The successful completion of the two station upgrades in the live rail corridor, exemplifies BMD Constructions’ capability in delivering necessary upgrades to the Queensland transport network with recently completed projects including Wulkuraka Station in west Ipswich and the Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement in Brisbane’s north.

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