11 July 2016

Moncrieff Residential Estate wins Master Builders Association Award

BMD Constructions won a Master Builders Association award for Moncrieff East Residential Estate (stages 1A, 1B and 5) in the Civil Subdivision category, at the Excellence in Building Awards ACT held at the end of June. The awards recognise the brilliance in design, talented skills and workmanship, innovation, determination and the collaboration that goes into creating an award winning project. Partnering with Black Mountain Construction Assurance, BMD Constructions contributed 312 residential lots, two multi-unit sites and open space areas to the Moncrieff Residential Estate. The project team worked collaboratively to deliver best practice techniques to avoid traffic congestion, reduce pollution and minimise noise on neighbouring roads which was highly regarded by the local communities. A major initiative of the project included the development of a spoil location, in what was to become future parklands, which prevented 50,000m3 of material being transported through the community. The works added aesthetics to the landscape and provided a model case study of how parties could work together to deliver positive project outcomes. The project was delivered three months ahead of schedule and within budget whilst setting new benchmarks in quality and safety performance.

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