Logan City Council


September 2014 - September 2015


$8.2 million




The scope of work included:

  • traffic control planning and implementation including permanent road closures of James and Kent streets
  • demolition of pavements and trees
  • reclamation of public artworks and historic street furniture
  • stormwater, sewer, water and electrical reticulation to structures
  • demolition of an existing six-way roundabout into a signalised intersection
  • cul-de-sac and carpark construction at James and Kent streets
  • bulk earthworks and detailed excavation to facilitate the construction of hardscape landscaping works including concrete, arbour structures, the civic platform and water features
  • softscape landscaping works including garden beds, planting and irrigation
  • structural facade upgrades to the adjacent district courthouse and integration into the civic platform.


BMD Urban completed the project on budget and all milestones were met in the scheduled timeframes.

To mitigate exposure to the elements and prolonged traffic impact to the community, BMD Urban proposed a city centre shutdown of roads surrounding the site for a duration of one weekend. After significant planning and programming to confirm detours and contingencies, this request was granted and enabled BMD Urban to construct the intersection around the clock of City, Main and George Streets in the space of 60 hours. This proposal reduced the duration of construction traffic and noise to the adjoining businesses.

The project required extensive communication and coordination with various stakeholders. Consistent communication with local businesses, as well as effective traffic control planning, resulted in minimal disruption and limited traffic congestion or confusion during the road closures.