New South Wales


Downer Energy Systems Pty Ltd


August 2006 – April 2007


$17.5 million




BMD Constructions was engaged to deliver civil works, initially undertaking a feasibility study and providing a basic estimate on preliminary information available. Both sites comprised similar structures, with the Condong site requiring a cooling tower and in-line storage bin.

Works at Condong involved construction of numerous structural concrete components, installation of underground services, construction of internal roads, and re-construction of a number of adjacent external roads. This included widening of the Tweed Valley Way and drainage works at the McLeod Street/Cane Road intersection. Mechanical works occurred concurrently.

Works at Broadwater involved structural concrete works, underground services, and external roadworks. The construction of a variety of concrete structures to accommodate mechanical structures formed the major part of the works.


BMD’s ability to understand the client’s requirements, coupled with a capacity to mobilise a substantial workforce was key to progressing the works and achieving the program, flow-on trades, and project budget.

The project team established and managed a strong safety culture, with a significant number of employees working within high activity, multi-disciplines, conflicting work zones.