Bechtel Australia and BM Alliance Coal Operations


December 2010 - September 2013


$175 million




The scope of work included:

  • reclamation of 10.2 hectares of land including excavation, processing and hauling of 1.3 metric tonnes of material
  • construction of 34,000m2 of pavements
  • construction of 3.8 kilometres of a one-way heavy vehicle haul road
  • construction of a 13 mega litre sediment basin and 0.5 mega litre transfer basin
  • construction of 20,000m3 of concrete footings and slabs
  • construction of five electrical substations
  • installation of five kilometres of high voltage and low voltage underground conduits
  • installation of communications duct banks
  • installation of poly water mains measuring 63 millimetres to 315 millimetres in outside diameter.


The operational brownfield environment posed a number of challenges for the project team including safe installation of underground services, working concurrently to a number of other contractors and trades, and the requirement to keep the coal terminal fully operational throughout the project. A project specific safety management plan was implemented. The plan focussed on training, assigning responsibility and accountability, which led to the ultimate successful delivery of the project with over 650,000 hours lost time injury free and no service strikes.

The location of the project also presented environmental challenges due to construction commencing within the cyclone season, the significant tidal range, and working within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The project team implemented stringent controls to minimise environmental impacts, and delivered the project in full compliance with environmental permits.