New South Wales


Glencore Xstrata


August 2012 – September 2013


$16.5 million




The scope of work included:

  • construction of 1320m² of storage covered areas
  • construction of a service bay including two inspection pits each fitted with 1.5 tonne jib cranes and hydronic floor heating system, three hose reel stands with compressed air, potable water, engine oil, transmission oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, waste oil disposal and diesel, air conditioned offices, and a hot work bay
  • installation of a prefabricated switch room, three phase and single phase power distributions, and five light poles which were each 25 metres high
  • construction of a bulk liquid storage area including a 50,000 litre diesel tank, five 10,000 litre oil storage tanks, a 35,000 litre concentrate tank, a 25,000 litre mixed emulsion tank, and all pumping, transfer piping and dispensing systems.


During construction, coal trucks from an adjacent work site were being directed through BMD’s project site. To manage this, the project team developed a strict Traffic Management Plan and ensured consistent radio communication for the safety of all workers. The project achieved an excellent safety record with zero lost time injuries recorded in the high risk environment.

As the site sloped in the direction of a capturing dam, the project team implemented a number of initiatives to control erosion and sediment, and protect the environment throughout works. BMD also mitigated dust onsite by successfully employing a water dampening system.