22 December 2016

Reconfigured Sir Reginald Ansett Drive opens at Sydney Airport

BMD Constructions has successfully completed and opened the new T2/T3 Domestic Precinct Entry to traffic at Sydney Airport, in time for the busy Christmas holiday season. The project is part of Sydney Airport’s T2/T3 Ground Access Solutions and Hotel Major Development Plan (T2/T3 MDP) that was approved by the Federal Government in March 2015. The conversion of the main entrance and exit on Sir Reginald Ansett Drive into a dedicated five-lane entry road into the T2/T3 terminal precinct delivers improved traffic flows, providing motorists with more ‘green light time’ at key intersections. The Domestic Precinct Entry project forms the second major stage of the T2/T3 MDP, part of a five-year programme of ground access improvements in and around the airport, representing a joint $500 million investment by Sydney Airport and the NSW Government to make it easier to travel to and from the airport by car, taxi, bus, train, ride share or bicycle. Work on the Domestic Precinct Entry commenced in July 2016, with scope involving installation of services (electrical, water, sewer, recycled water, low voltage, and communications), gantry structures, pavements, footpaths and landscaping to upgrade and reconfigure Sir Reginal Ansett Drive. The project was delivered on time and on budget, with no compromise to the safety of personnel or airport visitors, achieving a zero lost time injury frequency rate and total recordable injury frequency rate. While the reconfigured Sir Reginald Ansett Drive is now open to traffic, the project team will remain onsite to deliver minor ancillary works into January 2017.  

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