19 October 2015

Students plant trees for the future generation

Buangor Primary School students have joined BMD Constructions and VicRoads in changing their local environment for future generations to come. More than 400 native trees and shrubs were planted along a local creek bank, near to the Buangor Bypass project site. Over 35 students from Buangor Primary School assisted with the planting where they learnt planting techniques among other new skills. BMD Constructions Environmental and Community Officer, Kirsten Lee, VicRoads engineering staff, landowner, Alison Tonkin, and Buangor Primary School teachers all assisted the students with the planting activities that were led by Golden Point Environmental Services’, Roger Thomas. The plants chosen included locally sourced, native Acacia and Eucalyptus species. The most notable tree selection was the River Red Gum, as the students recently chose the River Red Gum leaves and gumnuts as inspiration for their chosen colour that will feature on the nearby Peacocks Road overpass that is being constructed as part of the project. The unnamed creek where the plantings took place flows though the project site, into neighbouring farming land and through the main township of Buangor. The creek can be seen from the school grounds, allowing the students to monitor the progress of the plants. This planting will assist in the stability and regeneration of the creek banks as well as provide a level of ecological restoration and habitat for native animals in the years to come. It is hoped that this will be one of many legacy opportunities BMD Constructions and VicRoads will be able to provide the local Buangor community.  

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