Safety and wellbeing

The BMD Way is all about doing things differently and embedding our values into everything that we do. Striving to achieve HSEQ excellence is an integral part of this. To achieve HSEQ excellence, our employees are encouraged to collaborate with others, be empowered to think innovatively, determined to deliver excellence, and constantly strive to do better for the benefit of themselves, others and BMD. HSEQ excellence means recognising and celebrating achievements, but also not being afraid to call something out if it doesn’t look right.

HSEQ excellence is about looking outside the box to ensure tasks are delivered safely, to a high-quality standard, and with consideration for the environment. Leadership in HSEQ excellence means empowering the workforce, strategically engaging with industry stakeholders and positively challenging the way things are done. HSEQ excellence will influence our assessment of strategies around an inexperienced workforce, focusing on better ways to ensure they are trained and upskilled to the BMD way.

Environment and sustainability

At BMD we integrate environmental and social considerations in the way we do business and deliver certainty for the communities in which we operate.

Stewardship of the environment and our communities has always been a priority. We’re committed to working with local communities and leaving a lasting legacy through the infrastructure, employment and training we deliver.

We apply the principles of sustainability in the decision making and activities that we engage in across multiple jurisdictions. To achieve this commitment, BMD promotes corporate sustainability in areas that include, but are not limited to:

Growth and economic benefit

Decisions balanced between short and long term will be based on economic, environmental and community needs and considerations.

Aiming to grow the business for increased economic benefit to the community via engineering solutions.

Environment and efficient resource use

Implementing best practice environmental management to minimise environmental harm.

Efficient use of resources (energy, materials, water) when conducting its operations.

Consider the life cycle of products and services.

Labour practices

Protection of human rights through ensuring equal opportunity employment for all and fair labour practices.

Community respect and protection

Increasing community respect and wellbeing by demonstrated best practices in environmental management.

Providing the opportunity for public involvement and consultation, as appropriate, in all communities in which we operate.